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Uncle Bruce

Have you met Uncle Bruce?

Meet Uncle Bruce–resident aficionado, purveyor of good times, marmot. Uncle Bruce is delighted to welcome you to Braidwood Tavern–his cozy cabin where things are done a little differently. Ditch the pomp, leave the circumstance, and stay for another round, won’t you?

Think of Uncle Bruce is Braidwood’s omnipresent observer and narrator–a slightly mysterious, cheeky and irreverent character, inspired by Whistler– "Whistler" being a name given to the Squamish and Lil’wat  mountain region in 1932, named for the whistle the marmots in the area make. 

He is the imaginary owner of Braidwood, his own cabin in the woods: an expert host with expert knowledge of the food, beverage and service.

Bruce’s Brewsky

Introducing Bruce's Brewsky - Braidwood Tavern's own Pale Ale! 

West Coast Pale Ale ABV 5.0% • Whistler, B.C. • 0km - A generous use of Amarillo dry-hops here add a beautiful fresh-squeezed OJ juice-like character in our dry crisp Pale Ale.

A Taste of Mexico in Whistler

Uncle Bruce here. I’m a food lover, the Marmot-in-residence at Braidwood Tavern, and the life of the fiesta. Like my thousands of relatives, I love Whistler, but every now and then a Marmot has to get out and see the world, and one of my favourite spots on the whole planet is Mexico. Spectacular sandy beaches, magnificent mountains, blazingly blue agave fields, and vibrant contemporary cities: Mexico is a land of extremes and its endless sunshine can make a Marmot extremely thirsty. That’s why my pals and I at Braidwood Tavern have come up with a selection of some of my favourite margaritas inspired by different regions of Mexico. From the Yucatán to Los Cabos to Jalisco and beyond, come with me to explore the marvels—and marvellous flavours—of Mexico from the comfort of our alpine cabin.